Got Privilege?

But what exactly is privilege and is there any way to describe it? In a recent video created by Buzzfeed, several people are asked a series of questions and then told to either step back or forward if the question applies to them. Each question asks the participants whether or not they enjoy certain privileges […]

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The future is always unpredictable

In 1973, when responding to a question on how long he thought it would be before the two countries would restore diplomatic relations, Castro said it will happen when the world has a Latin American Pope and the United States has a black President. While this answer was obviously tongue-in-cheek it does ironically illustrate the […]

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Tips for Startup Success

Starting a new business takes more than a great idea – it also involves passion, hardwork, patience, and perseverance (not to mention blood, sweat, and tears). In the process you’ll likely lose sleep, friends, money and time. You’ll probably also doubt your ideas, decision-making, and drive to succeed. This is all completely normal – I’ve […]

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The Best SmartWatches of 2013

The Smartwatch market is still in its infancy and up to this point can be categorized by the rush to get a product to market first leading to customers having to choose between similar offerings that feel unfinished and incomplete. Most of the recent buzz in the market has been the dual announcements of Sony’s […]

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Microsoft’s purchase of Nokia’s Smartphone Business – Too Little, Too Late?

The big tech story this week is Microsoft’s $7+ billion acquisition of Nokia’s smartphone business, but is this move good business, or another example of Microsoft’s ‘too little, too late’ approach to the hardware business? I actually really like this deal – it’s good business for Microsoft. As Apple and Samsung’s success in recent years has proven, one way […]

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13 Cool Apps For Start-Ups

Seeing as it’s the weekend and I’m gearing up to go to a friends going-away party I didn’t quite feel the urge to write up a long-winded post. Instead, seeing how well people responded to the Job Interview Infographic, I thought I’d give it another go – this time with cool Apps to help Start-up […]

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